As a Technical Project Manager

Mr. Mark Massey is the project manager for the installation of a 500+ node local area network for a major directorate of the Defense Communications Agency. The outstanding technical and managerial skills which he brought to this project have averted much of the confusion and false starts which often accompany such installations. ...

DCS PATCHI can unequivocally state that Mr. Massey knows the project management business ... His excellent managerial skills and superb customer relations talents will serve any organization well.

Charles D. Pitts
Lieutenant Colonel, USAF
Executive Assistant to the Director
Defense Communications Agency


As a Hands-On Engineer

I wish to take a moment to express my appreciation for the recent efforts of one of your consultants, Mr. Mark Massey. Mr. Massey's professionalism, dedication, and willingness to work hard were obvious from the outset. As the engagement continued, Mr. Massey's diligence resulted in substantial improvements to the security, efficiency, and flexibility of my network. He always cared enough to carefully plan his actions to prevent any negative impact on our operational business systems.

GA Food ServiceMr. Massey is definitely one of the best you have ever sent me. I look forward to working with him in the future.

John T. Forman
Information Technology Director
G.A. Food Service Inc.


As a Technical InstructorUS DEPT of EDU

I just wanted to take a moment to comment on the recent training provided to our staff by Mr. Mark Massey. He was an unusually effective teacher and has a unique ability to communicate technical topics in a way laymen can understand. I hope he will continue to be available ... on an as needed basis.

John B. Childers
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Higher Education Programs


As a Technical Management Consultant

I have worked closely with Mark over the last several months and found him to be a uniquely capable individual from both a technical perspective as well as from a "people skills" perspective. ...

Mark is particularly well suited to handle the stresses and strains that accompany change and innovation. Furthermore, I can assure you that Mark has made excellent use of this unique set of technical and social skills ...


Jerome M. Comcowich, Ph.D.
Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary